ZENKIT REVIEW 2020: Simple Project Management Tool?

Are you looking for a more straightforward approach to manage your projects? Do you wish you could keep your work more organized? Zenkit is one project management tool that can help you do that. In this Zenkit review, I will discuss how this tool works to make your life easier.

Zenkit review 2020: Zenkit overview

Not everybody can keep their projects super-organized, but it doesn’t have to be challenging. You have a system that keeps your work all in one place can make it easier. Zenkit is one project management tool that can help you do that.

In this Zenkit review, I will discuss how this tool works to make your life easier.

About the project management tool

Zenkit is a collaboration tool for individuals to organize their work. Since it launched in 2016, Zenkit is relatively young and continues to stay innovative. The idea behind it was to have a simple, very user-friendly system for anybody to use.

Some project management tools may require learning for some people. But Zenkit aims to make their device easy to pick up so that users aren’t spending too much time learning the tool.

If you’re like me, I do my best to simplify my work. Though some days I fall short of doing it, streamline the process should always be the goal to save more time. Zenkit aims to do that with their software tool and continues to come out with the best features.

Zenkit review 2020:

Top features

Zenkit has plenty of features for its users to utilize. All of the features are meant to keep everything organized in one place and simplify everyone’s work. Though they have around 40 features, I will list some of their best ones below.

  • Team Tasks

This feature is an email inbox for your team. It’s one place to view anything that assigned to you and anyone you collaborate with. You can create and automatically assign tasks without losing track of your work.

  • Activity Tracking

A way to see everything that’s going in your items, team’s work, and other collections.

  • Checklists

A checklist is a neat way to track your subtasks. With a list, you can track your progress and mark things off as they’re completed.

  • To-do lists

You can turn on any project assigned to a to-do list and start working on your tasks. This feature allows you to mark tasks as finished and to watch them move down the list.

  • Assign tasks

A manageable feature to delegate tasks by assigning them to your team members.
The following features are part of the “Plus” plan option. See pricing below for more details.

  • Gantt chart

Zenkit Review 2020- 1

This chart is best used for managing any complex projects. With a Gantt chart, you can schedule and track projects on a clear timeline.

  • Custom backgrounds

This feature gives you the option to add your backgrounds and images.

  • Recurring items

You can set up a recurring task so that you don’t miss an appointment or session. Any tasks that you repeat weekly or monthly are available in this feature.

  • Email to collection

You can email a task to Zenkit directly and assign functions via a unique email address. Also, you can create new items from your inbox.

  • User roles

This feature assigns roles to users to enhance the security of your work. Also, it’s an excellent way to boost your team’s productivity.


Zenkit offers a couple of options, including a free account to start with. All plans are automatically recurring, charged per user, and can run on a monthly or annual basis. Along with the personal (free) account, here are the following plans:

Free (for you- a forever plan)

  • Up to 100 collections
  • 500 items
  • 1 GB attachment space
  • Up to 3 members
  • Up to 5 workspaces
  • 2 Factor Authentication

Plus (for teams)- $9 per month per user

  • Unlimited collections
  • 50,000 items
  • 6 GB attachment space
  • Unlimited paid members
  • Up to 20 workspaces
  • All Personal features
  • Gantt chart
  • User Roles
  • Recurring items
  • Email to Collection
  • Colored Items
  • Theme customization
  • Early access to new features
  • Priority support

Business (for growing companies)- $25 per month per user

  • Unlimited collections
  • 150,000 items
  • 50 GB attachment space
  • Unlimited paid members
  • Up to 500 workspaces
  • All Plus features
  • Central user management
  • User group management
  • Provisioning (SCIM)
  • SSO (SAML)
  • Activity auditing
  • Advanced Gantt features (dependency types, dependency descriptions, lag and lead times, critical path, secondary date fields)
  • Early access to new features
  • Priority support
  • Additional payment options

Enterprise- prices vary depending on your team size (contact customer service for more details)

  • Unlimited collections
  • Custom item limits
  • Custom attachment space
  • Unlimited paid members
  • Unlimited workspaces
  • All Business features
  • Custom API limits
  • Dedicated success management
  • Advanced identification management
  • Early access to new features
  • Priority support

Zenkit Review 2020- 2

Are you ready to start zigging through Zenkit? Sign up today to begin using Zenkit!

Zenkit banner- 1Pros & Cons


  • Very user-friendly (excellent for beginners in project management)
  • Best for teams and individuals who want a visual tool to track their projects
  • Plenty of video tutorials and blogs on how to make the most out of software
  • Compatible with all devices and operating systems (desktop, tablet, mobile; IOS/Google play)
  • Easily integrates with other systems (i.e., Google Calendar, Gmail, Evernote, Slack)

Zenkit Review 2020- 3


  • Data storage is low for a plus account (6 GB)- users say it should be higher plus plans
  • Too many custom fields can make your issues cluttered
  • Some issues reported with the mobile version (not the best)
  • No “offline mode” via the mobile app

Overall Review

Rating: 8/10

Zenkit Review 2020- 4


As mentioned earlier, Zenkit is a young collaboration tool with a lot of potentials. Although they may not be a powerhouse similar to their competitors (i.e., Trello), their commitment to innovation keeps them in the spotlight.

The fact that they have one of the most straightforward project management tools is one reason to try out the software. Especially if it’s free and great for beginners, it’s great to take advantage of simplifying your workload.

If you need to organize your projects better, give Zenkit a try. Unlike with other software tools, the best part of Zenkit has a free account for yourself. However, if you manage a team and want to go further, check out their other plans. Start simplifying today!

Zenkit banner- 2

Do you like the simple features that Zenkit offers? 

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10 thoughts on “ZENKIT REVIEW 2020: Simple Project Management Tool?”

  1. Zenkit is actually a thumbs up for me. This is really good as a platform to help to organize and get things done more faster in my projects and that is a plus that I like. I like to get my works done with error free and if I can get such a kit as this zenkit to help manage my business and organisation too. It would really heap a load of burden from my head

    • Thanks, Ella. I’m glad to know you like what Zenkit has to offer. 

      I agree that their platform is simple to use, especially for newbies on project management. I’m certainly one of those people who strive for error-free work. A platform such as Zenkit can help with project management.

      Thanks again for sharing your input- much appreciated!

  2. Zenkit is a fabulous company and the product offer is fabulous indeed. We are in a time of lockdown and I believe this is the moment that I really need this product the most because I have a whole lot of project to do. I think I should just give the free account a try first and then I’ll see where it goes from there. I’m going to enjoy using this very much. Thank you for your recommendation.

    • Of course, Riley. 

      During times like right now, it’s nice to take advantage of getting your projects under control. Zenkit can help straighten out your work. It’s great to know you’re going to try the free account. I hope you find their project management useful, and if you love it, you can upgrade later.

      I wish you all the best, enjoy using the project management. Thanks again for your thoughts- much appreciated!

  3. I’m a young entrepreneur who works from home, I’m quite disorganized so having a visual management system could definitely help me. I’m glad they offer a free personal account to try things out, frankly it would probably be enough for me right now. But later on if/when I hire some people to work for me then I could upgrade it to the paid accounts. What payment options do they offer besides a monthly plan? Do they offer a yearly discount?

    • Thanks, Son. I understand what you mean, especially as a young entrepreneur. I know many young entrepreneurs struggle with organizing their work. So I do the best I can to help entrepreneurs (new, young, old, experienced) get their time back while working.

      I’m glad to know you’ll try out the free account. As you said, you can always upgrade later when your business grows and start hiring people. 

      Regarding your questions, Zenkit offers annual plans if you prefer to sign up for a yearly option. I couldn’t find specifics for annual plans. But if you check out their page, you should be able to view yearly choices when you decide to sign up. I imagine they should have information before you purchase a plan.

      I hope that helps. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and your questions. I greatly appreciate it- all the best!

  4. Thank you for such a review on Zenkit

    This is the first time that i am coming across zenkit and i must say that i am impressed with the details you have giving. it is explicit and simplified so that any one would understand. it is good to have zenkit as it will ensure better project management. thank you for this

    • Of course, Smoochi.

      I’m glad you enjoyed this review of Zenkit. Yes, Zenkit has plenty of excellent features to help manage your projects. I view their software as a simpler approach to organizing your work. If you have more questions about Zenkit, I’d be happy to assist you. Feel free to send a message via the contact page.

      Thank you so much for your input- much appreciated!

  5. Zenkit is an advanced project management application featuring progressive web apps and public API that allow you to publish your projects in myriad ways, including a wiki view, and integrate them with a wide array of tools and apps.Zenkit is the best i have been using them for some time now and i must tell you they are one of the best around.

    • Thanks, Feji ben.

      Yes, Zenkit has plenty of neat features, as you pointed out. I’m impressed with some of their functions as I reviewed them, and they’re effortless to use as a newbie in project management.

      I’m glad to hear you’ve been using Zenkit. You must like what they have to offer. Feel free to leave a message via the contact page regarding your overall experience. I always love hearing feedback, such as yours.

      Thank you again for sharing your feedback- much appreciated!


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