Wrike Planning Software Review (2020)

Product: Wrike Project Management
Price: Professional ($9.80/month); Business ($24.80/month); Enterprise (varies)
Type of Program: Project/Time Management Software
Guarantee: 14-Day Free Trial
Rating: 7 out of 10

Are you a manager for a mid-size to large scale company? Looking for project management software for your team to easily collaborate? There are many project management software tools out on the market. Similar to my ClickMeeting review,  I will discuss one tool known as Wrike. Project management software tools, such as Wrike planning software, is one software tool that's suitable for mid-size to large companies.

Wrike Planning Software

Wrike has been around for 14 years, with over 700 employees inc several locations around the world. Headquartered in San Jose, California, they also have offices in Australia, Ireland, and Russia. They serve more than 20,000 companies, along with over 2 million users. Also, they have received multiple rewards over the years, including commercial innovator of the year (2018). Moreover, the following points will be discussed in this post:

1.) Wrike's Key Features

2.) Pricing Options

3.) The Pros and Cons

4.) Rating and Overall Review

Wrike Planning Software: Key Features

Dynamic Request Forms: Planning Made Simple

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Wrike offers request forms for team members to make collaboration easier. Whether that's for scheduling or assigning tasks, they assist in planning tasks before everybody starts working on a project. It helps avoid work conflicts. If needed, it's easy to reschedule or reassign responsibilities.

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Turbocharge Processes: Custom Workflows

Workflows are made up of statuses, which consist of four groups: active, canceled, completed, and deferred. There is a default workflow available for all users. For business and enterprise accounts, custom workflows are available along with an option to specify tasks for a specific user. Also, you can create workflows to address a team's needs and see statuses updated as well.

Streamline Collaboration: Keep Your Team On The Same Page

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In any project management tool, collaboration is a significant component. With constant collaboration, Wrike allows users to update task descriptions and comments. Also, the symbol “@mentions” to identify others with different tasks. It's similar to using mentions on a social feed on Twitter. Collaboration certainly helps keep team members on the same page without having unnecessary meetings.

Real Visibility At A Glance

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Wrike has a straightforward dashboard setup in their software, making it simpler to view assigned tasks and your team's schedule. Whether you need to check work through a specific project or check a team member's plan, it's all there. Also, it helps users save time from checking up on other tasks manually. This feature helps keep time in utilizing other resources through a “birds-eye” view of managing jobs.



Wrike offers free accounts for small businesses (5 users or less) and provides a free trial for the first two weeks.


For a Professional account (between 5-15 users), Wrike's product tool starts at $9.80/month per user.


A Business account (between 5-200 users) starts at $24.80/month, with other features available. Such features include customizable workflows and executive reporting.


An Enterprise account (5-unlimited) will vary in price, depending on your team size. These accounts have features such as advanced security and more controls for an optimized experience. If you manage a large company, contact the sales team for more details on pricing.

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Pros & Cons


Based on user experience, some of the advantages of using Wrike include:

  •  Customized workflows, such as creating categories, folders, and tasks for team members to work on.
  • Multiple charts for establishing timelines of tasks assigned and completed.
  •  Collaboration tool: easier to instantly communicate with others you work with. More so, no need to use email for group projects. If you work for a large company, it permits you to reach out to others in another department.


Some of the disadvantages of Wrike's project tool include:

  •  Slow setup of software- takes a while to download and get the program up and running.
  •  It takes some time to learn- a learning curve, especially for beginners in project management software.
  •  Not available offline- can be used through mobile phones and tablets, but need an internet connection for the software.

Overall Review: Is it Worth It? Give It A Try

Rating: 7/10

Wrike is a well-established project management tool that has helped companies achieve their goals. As listed on their website, they have partnered with major companies to enhance productivity. Along with having neat features, there are drawbacks to the project management tool. Some of the downsides include not being so user-friendly, and the slow setup to installing on a desktop computer. It is a learning curve for those who are not familiar with project management software. So it will take time to understand how managing tasks through the system works.


Wrike project management tool is more suited for mid-size to larger companies. However, it can be beneficial for smaller companies as well. So if you don't want to invest in anything yet, Wrike may be the best choice at the moment. 

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Coronavirus/COVID-19 Response (March 2020)

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Wrike is offering all new users a free professional account- for up to six months!

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