Workspace Design For Employees: Best Tips

Workspace Design For Employees

Picture yourself working at your cubicle. Do you work in a disorganized area where distractions come up? Distractions such as electronics or coworkers may always come up, especially when it comes to workspace design for employees. These are common problems that arise in any place you work. As an employee, you don’t have complete control regarding who you work with or where you work. How your workspace design is set up may always work to the best of your abilities.

Workspace Design For Employees: Tips For Success

Although you may not have total control, you can make some simple changes to how your workspace is set up for success. In this post, I will discuss a couple of approaches that employees can design their workspace. Even making a couple of modifications to your workspace can make a difference in improving work performance. The following four approaches I will go over regarding workspace design for employees include:

1.) Decluttering your desk- Keep it clean and simple

2.) Get a standing desk/desk adjustment to adjust your workstation

3.) Listening to calm music (look into noise cancellation headphones)

4.) Get sufficient lighting (if no natural light is available)

Tip # 1 Declutter Your Desk: Workspace Design For Employees

Workspace Design For Employees

If you struggle with getting things done while having a messy office desk, this reminder is vital for success. There’s nothing worse than having crap laying around, and you have no idea where to start. Items such as empty bottles, old food, papers you no longer need, all of those things have to go. If you have clutter, clear it up and make room for only the things you need during the work hours. Also, it’s excellent for you to stay on top of things and remain organized.

I consider myself very organized and somewhat of a clean freak. My workspace is never cluttered, but even if there are a few things, I'll still move it. It may look nice to have something on your desk, but if you’re not using it, move it.

Keep it clean as well. Do some light cleaning, such as using wipes to sanitize your desk. If the company you work at doesn’t have cleaning materials, bring a small set to have on hand when it’s needed. Make sure to keep your workspace friendly and straightforward.

To show you some illustrations of before and after, here are some images of my desk to get an idea of what your workspace should look like:





Tip # 2 Standing Desk Accessory To Adjust Your Desk


If you happen to sit for long periods at work, it can take a toll on your health. One study done by UCLA found that sitting for long periods affects parts of the human brain. Also, sitting for too long is just as bad as smoking. So by not getting up to stretch or move around often can have a significant impact on your physical and mental health. Fortunately, more workplaces are investing in ergonomic products (standing desks) that help increase employee productivity.


If you believe that a standing desk accessory would help you with work performance, look into getting a product that's easy to adjust at your workstation. Now if you choose not to pay on your own, or if there are company restrictions (what’s not allowed at your job), make sure to ask your employer if they can invest in similar ergonomic products.

In the current job I’m at for a large firm, my employer goes through a process to accommodate employees with medical issues or disabilities. It’s based on company policies to follow this practice, as it does cost money, and they want to make sure it’s set up for the right group of employees.

Tip # 3 Use A Durable Pair of Headphones (Noise-Cancellation)

Whether you work in a quiet or noisy work environment, it can be distracting where it doesn’t help an employee do their best. If you’re a chit chatter who works in a quiet office space, you’ll likely annoy the heck out of your boss and coworkers. If you’re a calm person (such as myself), but you’re in a noisy place, and people are moving around all the time, you’ll quickly get distracted and won’t get much done at work. The place where I work at is in between, and a lot of my coworkers will wear headphones to distance themselves from the surrounding distractions.

Headphones are ubiquitous in the workplace today. Not only does it help people block out distractions, but it helps them stay focus and even get more done on a given day. For myself, I don’t prefer using headphones at work; however, when I use headphones at home or on the go, I love using pairs with noise-cancellation features.

In the last few years, I‘ve bought a couple of sets that block out background noise as well. I love the Taotronic brand, and I use this pair every day while I’m at home. If you’re willing to pay a little more, Bose has excellent pairs of headphones. A while back, I bought a Bose pair at a steep discount, and the sound is nearly pitch-perfect using the Bose headphone set.

Tip # 4 Effective Lighting At Your Workstation

Not many people think about it, but lighting can be critical in increasing productivity. If you work at a desk where the light is dim, chances are you might get sleepy. Especially if you didn’t get much sleep the night before. But working under dim light is not good because many people can’t see well what they’re doing. A lot of people who work in office spaces get a standard view in their buildings, but that’s not enough.

So the obvious solution would be natural sunlight; unfortunately, not everyone has the advantage to get exposed to the sun in their workspace. They may work at an office where some days it’s gloomy, or they don’t have a window by their workspace. As an alternative, look into getting a lovely desk lamp if the one provided at your workspace is not the best for you.

As mentioned earlier, if you don’t want to pay on your own, ask your employer if they can look into it. At the end of the article, are a few lamps that work well. I like the Taotronic LED lamp set; it has a lot of excellent features that I enjoy using at my desk.

Workspace Design For Employees: Wrap-Up

Workspace Design For EmployeesThe way your workspace is set up can determine how much or little you can get done during your workday. If you find yourself getting little done during the day, you know why time flies by. Then you realize you didn't get much stuff done. But, organizing your workspace for success will help you get the most out of your time at work. By considering these approaches, your work performance will improve while working on advancing your career.

How do you set up your workspace?

Do you feel productive, or do you find yourself getting very little done often?

Leave a comment below, and please share it with others.


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  1. This is a great post. As I writer, I spend far too much time sitting at a desk. I’m really thinking about trying a standing desk. I’m not productive when I’m sitting too long in the same position. I never thought about an adjustable desk. That would provide a perfect solution. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Hey Rick,

    These are indeed doable and great tips to do our bit to make our workplace clean and more productive. I like the way you have enunciated these four points, just to add, even I am a cleanliness freak and does not let any unwanted paper or file on my desk. I like the idea of standing desk, I have not yet experimented with this, will try this out. Thank you for informative post.

  3. Hey,

    First, I want to thank you for this amazing post. It is an important post because so many people don’t have the least knowledge of how to have a healthy workplace. I am a doctor and at the same time I have my online business and that makes it the way you said, I sit and work in the office for a very long time which is really bad, these 4 points are so important especially the good light and moving around and doing sport from time to time and stop just sitting in the office for hours without moving.

    I am guilty that sometimes I forget to take breaks due to the excess work I have in the hospital and inside my house when I back. But, that’s not an excuse to take a break! Plus, there some exercises that can be done in your workplace and don’t need space to do them that can help with your physical health and mental health. Do them!

    Thank you again!

  4. I think cluttered work space is the biggest problem in most of todays office. Usually it not always up to employees, because they just keep getting bombarded with loads of new materials each day and you have to put it somewhere. Of course, there will always be messy employees that will turn their workdesk into a piles of paper even if they do not have that much on their hand.

    Have a nice day.

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