Why Is Procrastination Bad: The Procrastination Fix

Get Over Procrastination

Product: The Procrastination Fix
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Do you excel in procrastinating? Do you often put off important tasks at the last minute? Now that is much easier said done, as the common saying goes. Therefore, many people will likely fail and go back to their regular habits.

Procrastination is a struggle for a lot of individuals, and they end up losing time they can never make up. I've done a better job at beating procrastination, but if you haven't, please read on further. Similar to what I did on one of my last posts on Clickmeeting, I'm going to discuss a program that may help manage your time efficiently. The Procrastination Fix is one program that anyone can quickly implement and change the way you utilize your daily activities.

Why is procrastination bad: The Procrastination Fix overview

Get Over Procrastination

The Procrastination Fix is a mind hacking method designed for you to get more things done while doing it in less time. Similar to some brain hacks to challenge your thinking. The program was created by Steven Stanley, who went through personal and professional struggles in recent years. Stanley admitted to accepting his failures. More so, he came up with a program addressing the issue of losing valuable time. Some of the significant points that I will review of the program include:

1.) The Halo Method: The Basic Approaches

2.) The Halo Method: The Core Approaches and Bonuses

3.) The Pros of Procrastination Fix

4.) The Cons of Procrastination Fix

5.) Verdict & Overall Thoughts

Why is procrastination bad: The Halo Method

Get Over Procrastination

In the program, Stanley discusses something called the Halo method. It is made up of mind-hacking approaches (to change your thinking) in battling procrastination. The criteria tell you how to confront any problematic, last-minute situations. Some of the main methods include:

Why is procrastination bad:

“The Starting Line.”

In this mind hack, you will learn how to get started on any task, whether small or large. Stanley mentions a friend of his who wanted to know the secret to launch the starting point. His friend implemented the strategy, and it turned out to be successful for him.

 “Divide and Conquer.”

In this mind hack, you will learn how to deal with stress or overwhelming thoughts when faced with challenging tasks. Stanley mentions a colleague of his who always struggled with overwhelming feelings. After trying out the mind hack, his colleague ended up getting a promotion later on.

Are You Ready To Tame The Procrastination Predator?

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Why is procrastination bad: Other mind hacks & bonuses

Get Over Procrastination

Along with the previous mind hacks, Stanley uses other mind hacks that can help fight procrastination. These mind hacks include:

Why is procrastination bad: “Three Buckets.”

 You will learn how to create highly effective to-do lists.

 “15 Minute Miracle.” 

 You will learn a trick to train your brain into starting those tasks you don't want to do.


You will learn how to stop completing a task. Whenever you think the work is not good enough, and end up not finishing it, you will stop that habit.


You will learn to see any job from beginning to end.  Even when you're in a slump and can't find any motivation to complete it. 


 You will learn how to deal with instances when you're not able to focus on finishing a task.

 “Under Pressure.”

You will learn how to deal with others around you in stressful situations, requiring minimal effort.

Along with the mind hacking approaches, the Procrastination Fix comes with additional tips on building motivation. Some of the other bonuses you will learn about beating procrastination include:

-The Awareness Halo

-The Trigger Magnifier

-The Motivation Builder

-The Reframe Halo

-The Halo Tool Chest

-The Millionaire Mindset

Why is procrastination bad: Pros & Cons

Why is procrastination bad: Pros of The Procrastination Fix

The time management program has valuable information very user-friendly. It provides plenty of motivation boosters and procrastination killer techniques. The Procrastination Fix works for anybody who has self-discipline and has the willingness to make an effort to implement the strategies correctly. If someone is successful in this program, once can easily save more time while changing their life for the better. 

Also, the program is affordable to anyone (available at a discounted price as well). The Procrastination Fix comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. So if you're not satisfied with the program, you'll get a 100% full refund within the first two months.

Cons of The Procrastination Fix

Unfortunately, it is not for people who don't have the patience and discipline to see meaningful change over time. A reminder that this program is not a quick fix. Even though it called the Procrastination “Fix,” a program such as this one won't change your habits overnight. It will take some time and effort to see real results; in other words, you have to take action after what you learned from the course. 

Also, the program is available online via a digital product. So it's not open to anyone without an internet connection.

Overall Thoughts

The Verdict: The Procrastination Fix is a win

Rating: 8/10

The Procrastination Fix program comes with unique techniques by using the Halo method to get over procrastination. I even know somebody (a close friend of mine) who's tried out the program. It changed the way he goes about his daily routine. So no matter where you're at in life, you can change the way you go about your daily activities today. Whether you're launching your career or transitioning between jobs, the Procrastination Fix is an excellent start to get on the right path. If you want to have more time on a given day, this program will benefit you if implemented successfully. 

So, ask yourself:

-Do you wish you could get more work done at the office?

-Do you prefer to spend more time at home with family, rather than long, dreadful days at the office?

-Have you ever wanted to start a blog online, but keep putting it off?

-Have you meant to catch with a long-time friend of yours that you haven't seen in months?

If you've been struggling with procrastination, today is the day to open up a new path. Once you go through the Procrastination Fix and take action on what you learned, you'll get out of the habit of putting things off. 

Now is the time: check out the Procrastination Fix by clicking on the image below.

Take advantage of the discounted price offered!





  1. Thanks a lot for such an amazing review of Get Over Procrastination: The Procrastination Fix and explanations are given.

    I have often heard of getting Over Procrastination The Procrastination Fixso I decided to search on the internet. I have read many articles about it, but these are the best I have found with a lot of useful information. In order to get over the procrastination, you can do many activities, especially those presented here.

    Thanks again for this post. If you don’t mind, I will share this article on my social media account. Good luck!

  2. Hello Eric,

    I find your post really helpful and informative, more so because procrastination is something I struggle with. You can understand that it is a mental attribute so as you pointed out, using stanley’s halo method especially has proven to be very effective.

    Now all I have to do is start and in my opinion, that is the most important step to take when trying to get something done.

    I’m glad you posted this piece and I’m sure a lot of people would benefit from it.

    Thank you.

  3. Hi Eric, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. Honestly, I have the same problem with procrastination but I did not hear about this method of solving it. I will definitely start following your tips and advice and hope for the best. Thank you for sharing your knowledge about this.

    • Of course, I’m glad you found the article useful. Hopefully, you’ll see some changes by following the advice. You never know!

      Thanks for sharing your input!

  4. This sounds like a great product.  As I personally struggle with procrastination, I feel it could be a great fit for me.  I think a lot of people struggle with this issue.  Personally, if I dread the outcome of something, I take even longer to approach the task at hand.  

    I really appreciate your honesty when you reviewed the product’s cons.  I am in a remote area and internet is always an issues, hard to believe in this day and age.  It is a draw back for me. 

    As well, I do believe, that any self-help we try to achieve does take commitment and time.  We have to apply ourselves to anything to be a better person.  I think people need to realize that with anything they do.  There are no quick fixes in life.

    Sounds like a great products.

    • Thank you for your comments. Yes, you’re right that there are no quick fixes. Especially when it comes to self-improvement, you need discipline, patient, and willingness to  stick to some level of commitment. You have to put the effort and time to see real results. 

      That’s too bad you have limited access to your area. If there’s anyone you know who would like to read about the
      no-risk offer, pass this message on to them.

      Well said, thanks again for sharing your input!

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