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  • The electronic guide is a simple, useful guide
  • Suitable for anybody who has self-discipline and patience
  • Program is affordable
  • An excellent opportunity to ditch bad habits and develop better ones


  • Need to put in work- Not a quick fix
  • Need to put time and effort to see results
  • Program is available only online via a digital product
  • Testimonials are not verified

Do you excel in procrastinating? Do you often put off important tasks at the last minute? Or, have you ever wondered to yourself, “Why is procrastination bad? Procrastination is a struggle for a lot of individuals, and they end up losing time they can never make up. 

Therefore, many people will likely fail and go back to their regular habits. I’ve done a better job at beating procrastination, but if you haven’t, please read on further. I’m going to discuss a self-improvement program that may help you tackle the procrastination problem. This program is known as the Procrastination Pro: The 21-Day System To Stop Procrastinating. 

Why is procrastination bad? What is Procrastination Pro?

The Procrastination Pro is a self-help program (electronic guide/pdf) designed to help people who regularly put things off. Coming from Charlie Ritchie (the founder of the website,, this site provides information on procrastination, the causes, and how to overcome it.

Around 20% of individuals are considered chronic procrastinators, and many of them will fail to accomplish their goals. They may find ways to fight or overcome procrastination but often fall short of reaching their goals. Though 20% may not be such a large number, many people struggle with procrastination today.

The Procrastination Pro is a self-taught, 21-day program designed to teach you new habits to overcoming procrastination. During the three weeks, you will read through the pdf guide, followed by working through a task every single day. So you’ll learn new materials each day and then take action on the assigned task. It’s a short, simple program intended to help you overcome the habit of procrastination and form better habits to be productive.

In this review, I will discuss the Procrastination Pro in more details.

Why is procrastination bad?

Highlights of the Procrastination Pro

Why is procrastination bad- 1

As mentioned earlier, procrastination can be a significant problem for those who practice bad habits.  Unfortunately, many people don’t understand the real reasons why they may procrastinate from time to time. But in the Procrastinator Pro guide, there are some key points you’ll discover and learn through the program. These points include the following:

  • Uncovering the reasons why you procrastinate: You will understand the reasons why people procrastinate is the first step to overcome procrastination.
  • An essential step-by-step guide to taking actionable steps: You won’t learn about the theory and then forget about- this guide is designed to make a real to-do list and take action on your tasks regardless of.
  • Overcome crippling self-doubt: You will learn how to overcome doubtful thoughts that may come across your mind, and how to replace them with healthy ideas.
  • Make stress a thing of the past: You will go through a process of avoiding any fears or worries you may have, while not having to forget about your responsibilities in mind.
  • How to make the changes stick: You’ll know how to keep the momentum going, keep your improvements better, and how to keep getting better.

A simple overview of the day-by-day tasks

Why is procrastination bad- 2

In the 21-day guide, you will be assigned one task to complete daily. These are simple tasks to implement and overcome procrastination if done correctly. The best part about these tasks is they’re achievable and can be done in 15-20 minutes each day. Here is a quick outline of what these days look like:

  • Day 1: Part 1: Understanding procrastination (about 30 minutes)
  • Day 4: Writing down a statement to yourself that you will overcome procrastination (about 20 minutes)
  • Day 8: Analyzing the excuses you use not doing the tasks you were meant to complete (about 15 minutes)
  • Day 14: How to change the way you think/How to know when there’s something you need to do right now instead of later


Procrastination Pro is a simple program that anyone can implement at a great value. Initially, a program such as this one would cost around $997. Or if it were cut in half, possibly around $497. But learning how to overcome procrastination with fundamental tips shouldn’t have to come at such a considerable price. The Procrastination Pro’s regular price starts at $97 but is discounted at a lower price. Instead of paying $97, or $37, you will only have to pay $27 to access this guide. So it comes at an excellent discount, along with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. If you’re not happy with the results, you can get a refund within 30 days.

Are You Ready To Tame The Procrastination Predator?

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Pros & Cons

Why is procrastination bad- 3


  • The electronic guide is a simple, useful guide to review (with easy steps to take action on)
  • Suitable for anybody who has self-discipline and patience (a willingness to make an effort to implement the strategies correctly)
  • Program is affordable to anyone willing to save more time (take advantage of the full discount)
  • An excellent opportunity to ditch bad habits and develop better ones to make the most of your time


  • Not for people who are looking for natural, quick results (it’s not a “quick fix”)
  • Need to put in the time and effort to get the intended results as laid out
  • Testimonials are not verified or have pictures of individuals who went through the program
  • Program is available only online via a digital product- need internet connection regardless

Overall Review

Rating: 8.8/10

The Procrastination Pro comes with unique techniques to get over procrastination. I even know somebody (a close friend of mine) who’s tried out the program. It changed the way he goes about his daily routine. So no matter where you’re at in life, you can change the way you go about your daily activities today. Whether you’re launching your career or transitioning between jobs, the Procrastination Pro is an excellent start to get on the right path. If you want to have more time on a given day, this program will benefit you if implemented successfully. 


Why is procrastination bad- 4



So, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you wish you could get more work done than you could in a single day?
  • Do you prefer to spend more time at home with family, rather than long, dreadful days at the office?
  • Have you ever wanted to start a blog online, but keep putting it off?
  • Have you meant to catch a long-time friend of yours that you haven’t seen in months?

If you’ve been struggling with procrastination, today is the day to open up a new path. Once you go through the Procrastination Pro and take action on what you learned, you’ll get out of the habit of putting things off. 

Now is the time: check out the Procrastination Pro by clicking on the image below. Take advantage of the discounted price offered!

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Eric is a time management consultant and owner of the blog, He takes great pride in helping people manage their time, personally and professionally. Eric is a firm believer in time freedom, as he believes in taking ownership of time. “Time is your most important asset. It can be your best friend or worst enemy. How you use your time can shape the future you desire to have.” In his leisure time, Eric loves to write and read whenever possible. He likes to go for long walks out in nature and been taking Zumba classes every week at his local gym. You can follow Eric via Facebook and LinkedIn.



8 thoughts on “PROCRASTINATION PRO REVIEW: Why Is Procrastination Bad?”

  1. This is infact the best programme that I need to introduce to my sister because I am very sure that it will be very helpful to her. She is very used to procastination a lot and I think that this that you have shown here is going to be so much helpful to her. She leaves tasks until later and worse of all, she doesn’t do them at all. The procastination pro looks like a good programme to help. Thanks

    • Of course, Henderson. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed reading this review. 

      I hope that the program can help your sister in one way or the other. I think it’s a good start for those who are considered chronic procrastinators. Procrastination is a significant problem for many, and I’m sure your sister can benefit from it.

      All the best to you and your sister. Thank you very much for sharing your feedback- much appreciated!

  2. what a lovely review we have here,For some people, procrastination is more than a bad habit; it’s a sign of a serious underlying health issue. For example, ADHD , OCD , anxiety, and depression are associated with procrastination. Also, research suggests that procrastination can be a cause of serious stress and illness.thanks and keep up the good work.

    • Of course, Wilson. Thanks for the kind comments.

      I agree about procrastination being a bad habit, especially the long-term health consequences. I can relate to what you’re talking about. I hope others who struggle with it follow suit. The research backs up the things that concern me about procrastination.

      Thanks so much for your generous feedback- much appreciated!

  3. Hey Eric

    This looks like just the sort of thing I need!

    I’m sorry to say I’ve been guilty of procrastination over the years and when I look back at the time I’ve wasted and think about where I could be now it’s quite alarming to say the least.

    It’s great to know that there’s help out there at such a fantastic price by someone who’s been there himself. I’m definitely going to check this out.

    I may even get round to reading it after buying!



    • Thank you, Rich. I’m glad to hear you liked this post. You’re not the only one who’s guilty of procrastination- it’s an issue that a lot of people struggle with.

      With a reading guide such as the Procrastination Pro, anyone can review and take action on the steps outlined in the pdf.

      It’s great to hear you’re interested in the guide. Let me know how you liked it if you decide to come back and visit.

      Thanks again for your feedback- much appreciated!

  4. Hello Eric, I feel this article was directed to me personally. I have to say I am really touched with how I have come to meet this article and I have to say it’s divine intervention that I am here. Procrastination has been a part of me for a long time now and I have really missed out on a lot because of it. I still would work on myself to stop this bad habit.

    • Your welcome, Justin. I’m glad to know you were touched by this post.

      It’s a neat product to look over. If you’re interested in checking out Procrastination Pro. get yourself a copy and start implementing the steps. If you’re ready for some changes, this guide may be the one for you!

      Thank you for sharing your input- very much appreciated m!


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