TIME DOCTOR REVIEW 2020: Time Doctor Online Software

Are you looking for the best time tracking software for your business? Do you want one that provides accurate, precise data for your team? If you manage a team, it’s essential to keep track of their time productively. It’s necessary to save money, but more so on saving time. As I’ve always mentioned, you can still make more money, but you can’t get your time back. One time tracker that may be useful for your business is the Time Doctor online software.

Time Doctor Online: What is Time Doctor?

Time Doctor is an employee time tracking software that helps determine where their time is spent productively. Founded in 2011, not only does it help identify productive time, but you can figure out easy time wasters and distractions that can be modified over time. It has excellent user-friendly features, and anyone can pick up immediately.

Who is Time Doctor for? What are the savings benefits?

Time Doctor is best suited for individuals and teams between 20-500 employees. On average, Time Doctor users increase their productivity by 22%, and employers can save up to around $37,000 a year in lost time. It’s especially useful for those who work from home and manage remote teams. Either way, it’s excellent for individuals who want to track their time either at home or in the office. 

Similar to my last product review, I’ll go over Time Doctor and what they have to offer to their users. The following points include:

1.) Time Doctor Top Features

2.) Pricing

3.) Pros & Cons

4.) Overall Review & Rating

Time Doctor Online:

Top Features

The Time Doctor software comes with some neat features. These features are fully customizable while giving you the option to turn on and off when necessary. Here are some of their top features when you get an account:


Time Doctor Online- 1

These are becoming more common in time management software. In Time Doctor, screenshots of employee monitors can be taken at any time you specify (or can be turned off). You can monitor what your team is doing, how they’re spending their time, and identify time wasters. It’s a great way to look at time distractions and figure out ways to improve efficiency.

Screenshots are only taken when employees indicate they’re doing it to eliminate privacy concerns. Unlike with other time management software, it helps to know that employees are tracked by their employers for time management purposes. Some people may be concerned about their employers micromanaging them. So Time Doctor is designed to use screenshots for only a time-tracking purpose.

Clients Feature

You can give clients access to Time Doctor at no extra cost. Client access can be white-labeled with your branding and appear on your company’s domain. With access, clients will only see data about the work you’ve done for them instead of all of the work done in your company. 

Accountability Reports

Time Doctor Online- 2

Time Doctor provides detailed reports about application usage, websites, tasks, and client breakdowns. These insights can help you identify productivity weaknesses and areas to make improvements. Not only will employers get daily and weekly reports, but employees will get access to reports as well. By viewing their time stats, employees can quickly identify time wasters and ways to improve time management.

Web & App Usage

This feature allows you to see programs/apps on an employee’s account. It also shows how much time is spent on specific websites. So if someone is spending too much time on social media, or other distracting websites, you’ll be able to see that.

Time Use Alerts

Time Doctor Online- 3

If an employee’s account is sitting on a non-work website for too long, they’ll receive a pop-up alert. The same rules apply to other sites and apps. For instance, a visit to Facebook or Twitter (after some time) will prompt a pop-up alert, asking, “Are you still working?”

Track Breaks

Similar to other time management software, there is an option to track breaks and time spent away from your computer/workstation.


Time Doctor provides reasonable pricing for their time tracking software. They offer users a free trial to try out the software. Originally, they offered a 30-day trial, but now it’s a 14-day trial (as of June 2020). After the free trial, you are given three options:

  • Basic Plan (1 user- $7/month)

Standard Plan (1 user- $10/month)

This plan comes with the basic features, including support from live agents, adding multiple users, and the option for managers to approve manual time.

  • Premium Plan (1 user- $20/month)

This plan comes with the basic features, along with other features such as VIP support, unlimited data retention, video screen captures, and group functionality.

Between 5-50 users, the pricing of both plans will vary. If you manage a large team (50+ individuals), feel free to reach out to their sales team for pricing details.

Time Doctor Pricing

Ready to keep track of your team’s productivity?

Start your 14-day-no risk-free trial today by clicking on the banner below!

Time Doctor Free Trial

Pros & Cons


  • User-friendly and simple to follow
  • Great for those working long hours and need to keep track of their time constantly
  • Screenshots are visible and easy to capture
  • Integration is easy to set up (works with major platforms such as Slack, Asana, GoogleApps, Salesforce, etc.)
  • Offline time tracking is available


  • Users have reported crashes on occasion (but not a major issue)
  • The mobile app has limited features- for those who prefer mobile usage
  • Pricing is a little high- for more than 1 user, the plans are per user (the more users, the higher the plan)

Overall Review

Rating: 9/10

Time Doctor Testimonial 1

Time Doctor is one of the easiest time tracking software platforms to use. Although it may not be a major powerhouse right now, they provide basic features that any user would expect with tracking their time. The statistics mentioned earlier are great indicators that users increase their productivity substantially. It’s great to know that Time Doctor has features that provide accurate and updated information.

Time Doctor Testimonial 2


If you feel that you’re ready to try out Time Doctor, take advantage of the free 14-day trial to keep your toes in the software. It’s not difficult to learn these features, and the customer support is very helpful. So if you ever need help, you can count on their support team to address any issues or concerns you have. If you’re committed to making the most of your time, sign up today to start tracking your team’s productive time.

Time Doctor 2

If you’re an employer, do you think Time Doctor is the best fit for your team? Do you think it would help increase your company’s productivity?

If you’re an employee, is this software something that would benefit the company you work at?

Leave a comment below and please share the post with others.


Eric is a time management consultant and owner of the blog, quitkillingtime.com. He takes great pride in helping people manage their time, personally and professionally. Eric is a firm believer in time freedom, as he believes in taking ownership of time. “Time is your most important asset. It can be your best friend or worst enemy. How you use your time can shape the future you desire to have.” In his leisure time, Eric loves to write and read whenever possible. He likes to go for long walks out in nature and been taking Zumba classes every week at his local gym. You can follow Eric via Facebook and LinkedIn.



6 thoughts on “TIME DOCTOR REVIEW 2020: Time Doctor Online Software”

  1. I heard that companies can now track their employees productiveness. There have been concerns about invasion of privacy, but I think that it can be a good thing, providing some time for personal downtime, because, let’s face it, everyone needs a break. How else are they going to produce results?

    It would have been nice if a system like this had been implemented at my job over 12 years ago, when a colleague was harassing me over the company’s private chat. If we had had that surveillance system, nothing like that would have happened. The Time Doctor can not only increase a company’s productiveness but also decrease bad occurrences such as online harrassment among employees … That’s an important factor to consider.

    • Thank you, Christine. Your comment is thoughtful and well-laid out.

      You make some high points about privacy concerns. Some companies might overreach and micromanage their employees too much, but for some, that’s not the case. I think software such as with Time Doctor provides accountability for employees. Employees are getting paid to work most of the day productively. So from an employer perspective, it makes sense to a degree.

      But yes, it’s an essential factor to consider (no doubt). Time Doctor meets that requisite when determining how much productive time employees spent at work.

      Thank you again for your invaluable input- much appreciated!

  2. Hi Eric,

    This is interesting! Time doctor would definitely increase productivity of employees.

    I bet if you are an entrepreneur and working by yourself at home, this could also inspire you to really work hard to reach your daily goals.

    Otherwise, this would definitely help employers with work at home employees to track their progress and work outcome at the end of the day.


    • Thank you, Marita. 

      You make some excellent points earlier. Yes, being an entrepreneur makes a lot of sense (mainly if you run a small-mid size company). 

      Also, it helps employers who are doing remote work right now to help in the time we’re living in. Whether at the office or working at home, Time Doctor sure helps keep track of time well spent doing productive work.

      Thank you again for your comment- much appreciated!

  3. This seems similar to the old daily activity sheets we used in one of the companies I worked for.  The way the activity sheets worked for me was to make me think about how I was using my time.  It made me make some changes in how I arranged the employee’s workload for a day and taught me how to use time better. If the Time Doctor can do that it is a winner. I am sure that the Time Doctor might be easier to review for supervisors or planners of the  weekly and monthly task lists to have work done when needed 

    This would be interesting I think for business owners to plan timelines for projects and get an idea of where you may have some production problems as well as staffing issues, either long or short.  When managing offices that are scattered around a tri-state area the different needs of each office are difficult to provide for the first few years.  Time Doctor could give a better result to workload capabilities as well as where extra training is needed.  For me, this would be a plus, and a good tool for a more efficient company.  

    For helping me gain a look at how I spend my day, a tool like Time Doctor should help in making my work hours more productive. Interesting article.  Thanks for your sharing.

    • Of course, Sami. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed reading this review.

      You’re spot on with the points you made earlier. It sure does come in handy for business owners to plan timelines and so forth. Looking over the logistics and all of those factors I’ve never thought about before. But those are good things to keep in mind, for sure. 

      It can help improve efficiency in a company as well.

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful input- much appreciated!


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