2 thoughts on “Professional Email Tips: Best Tips on Email Productivity”

  1. I have struggled with email for a long time. When I have time I make sure I keep on top of it so I have no more than 10 emails, but as soon as I get busy the number grows and I start to miss things. At one stage I thought the answer was other forms of ‘shorter’ communication such as chat apps, but despite being shorter messages there tends to be a lot more of them. The best way I find to manage email is to use the flag or star function to highlight the ones I definitely need to do something about and the rest I file in no more than 8 folders. And I agree that more often than you think responding can wait, for the trickier situations, thinking about it for a while often helps anyway. Chat apps also have their place but don’t have too many…

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Ian,

      You make some excellent points regarding your struggles with email. It’s not easy when you get a ton of emails coming into your inbox. As I said earlier, you have to prioritize your messages occasionally.

      Chat apps have their benefits, but more negatives as you mentioned. So I’m with you on chat app issues.

      Thanks again for sharing! Much appreciated! 


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