Entrepreneur Mindset Secret: Super Productivity Secrets Review

Product: Super Productivity Secrets
Price: $37 + free bonuses (see discount below)
Type of Program: Productivity; Time Management
Guarantee: 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Rating: 9 out of 10

Have you ever tried something new, but then gave up on it? Do you struggle to stick with new habits after some time? When it comes to getting more done, you’d rather get advice from somebody such as Richard Branson. Branson is known for getting more things done in a week than most people will do in a month. People such as Branson have an entrepreneur mindset secret that helps them become successful. These are secrets that anybody can implement if they have the right mindset.

Entrepreneur Mindset Secret

If you’re someone who struggles with work-life balance, it can be challenging to manage your time. As mentioned earlier, there are ways to tackle those issues. Fortunately, some resources can help you achieve that. One of them is known as Super Productivity Secrets, particularly for entrepreneurs who are ready to go to the next level.

Entrepreneur Mindset Secret: Super Productivity Secrets


Super Productivity Secrets, written by Carolyn Hansen, is an ebook aimed to help improve your personal and professional life. Hansen, a health and fitness coach, discusses the secrets that have helped other people become successful through her years of experience. As she mentions the common saying, “I’ve been there, done that.” In this review, I will discuss the following highlights of the ebook:

1.) Guide Highlights

2.) Pricing

2.) Bonuses

3.) Pros and Cons

4.) Reviews & Overall Rating

Guide Highlights 

Super Productivity Secrets is a guide to help people ready to achieve meaningful balance in their lives. As Hansen mentions, it’s not a simple copy and paste materials about the same old “secrets to success.” It’s an enhancing resource to achieving personal and financial success; more so, for people who haven’t figured out the true meaning of success. Not only does it shows you how to achieve your goals, but how to keep and enjoy them much longer than many people might have.

The ebook is a 94-page guide that mixes tips about mental and physical needs. Hansen uses these tips in her daily routine, and that can help people become more fulfilling and successful. Some of the things discussed in this ebook include:

  • How to increase your productivity by living in the world of now, and leaving the world of later behind.

  • The importance of understanding how to use discipline to bridge the gap between goals and achievement.

  • How to tap into your brain’s ability to increase your creativity.

  • How to have more energy every day.

  • How to become more competitive.


Super Productivity Secrets comes in the form of a pdf, which costs $37. There is a 60-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the results. At the time of this writing, Hansen is offering a discount of her thoroughly detailed pdf for just $27 ($10 off original price). Not only will you get a copy at a discount, but you will receive bonuses that’ll complement the pdf and find beneficial.


In addition to Super Productivity Secrets, you’ll receive five additional ebooks that Hansen has written about. They include the following:

1. Mindful Mastery Secrets: You’ll learn how the mind and body work together to achieve peak performance. Without these two components, it isn’t very easy to achieve your goals. This guide includes thought processes and success patterns that can help you form good habits.

Entrepreneur Mindset Secret

2. Wealthy Entrepreneur Mindset: This guide helps you go from a “self-employed” mindset to an entrepreneurial way to conduct your life effectively. It includes organization and planning, along with tips from other successful entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur Mindset Secret

3. The Minimalist Exercise Program: With the right exercise tips, you’ll learn how to get the best results with minimal effort.

Entrepreneur Mindset Secret

4. The Minimalist Nutrition Program: You will learn the essentials about what kind of foods to eat.

Entrepreneur Mindset Secret

5.  Healthier You, Wealthier You: Health and wealth are two big pillars in life. Without achieving the two, it’ll be harder to live a fulfilling life. You’ll learn what it takes to balance your health account and wealth accounts.

Entrepreneur Mindset Secret

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Pros & Cons


  • The main focus is on mental shift and changing mindset

  • Focus on goal-setting, concentration and building confidence for ultimate success

  • Useful tips that are easy to implement, if you’re willing to put time and effort in

  • An excellent discussion of building successful routines

  • Learn to develop better habits that can lead to better results


  • Less emphasis on physical needs- not covered thoroughly in the ebook

  • Not meant for everybody- if you want to see results, you have to make an effort at implementing the guide correctly

  • Only available as a digital product- need an internet connection for access


Overall Review

Rating: 9/10

Super Productivity Secrets is an excellent guide to help you achieve more while saving time. It emphasizes not only what you need to know, but how to keep it and enjoy it than most people will do. Mind and body are both essential to achieving your goals. A successful routine is something everyone needs to understand if they want to achieve their potential. Moreover, Hansen gives a neat overview of how you can become more successful.

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