SANEBOX REVIEW 2020: Email Sorting Software

Product: Sanebox
Price: Snack: $7/month; Lunch: $12/month; Dinner: $36/month
Type of Program: Email Management/Sorting Tool
Guarantee: 14-Day Free Trial
Rating: 9 out of 10

Is your email inbox flooded with hundreds of messages every day? Do you check your email multiple times a day? You might be someone who subscribed to dozens of newsletters. But if you’re like me, you don’t have the time to read all of them. If email is an issue, maybe it’s time to take control by using the Sanebox app. Sanebox is an efficient email sorting software for managing email. It can help you save more time on what matters the most.

Email Sorting Software: Sanebox 2020 Overview

In 2010, a group of nerds came up with a better solution for email management. Since email was not a major issue back then, it was an excellent time to come up with a new service. Since then, Sanebox has provided simple solutions for individuals to manage email. It’s artificial intelligence for email management, where the customer doesn’t have to do much using the service. It’s something that can be used anywhere when checking email and continues to get better over time. 

When connected to your email, Sanebox analyses your past behavior and determines which emails are more relevant to you. For example, which emails do you open, which ones you respond to, and how often you check them. Any unimportant emails will move from your inbox to a “SaneLater” folder. The rest of your emails will be summarized in a digest.

Sanebox works anywhere you check your email (being an email folder), and very secure. For the remainder of this post, I will go over the following points:

1.) Sanebox Top Features

2.) Pricing Options

3.) Pros & Cons

4.) Overall Review & Rating

Email Sorting Software: Sanebox Top Features

Sanebox has plenty of cool features, but I’ll go over some of the best ones below. I think the customizable folders is a great way to keep your emails organized.

Customized Folders

Email Sorting Software- 1

Instead of your emails going to your inbox, Sanebox will move specific emails to selected folders you selected. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • @SaneLater: Any non-urgent emails that can wait until later. If it can wait until the next day or sometime next week, move the email to SaneLater.
  • @SaneNews: This folder is suitable for newsletters and email lists. Any unread emails will move to your “SaneArchive” folder after seven days.
  • @SaneBlackhole: Any emails you can’t get to or find annoying. If there are newsletters you don’t have time to read, or get sales offers (i.e., Amazon), move them to this folder.
  • @SaneNoReplies: Any emails you sent out to others, but still waiting for responses from them.

Trained contacts

This feature helps you categorize which of your contacts should go into your customized folders. So if it’s a friend or a coworker of yours, maybe you’ll want to keep them in your inbox. If it’s a newsletter, you read often, move it to the “@SaneNews” folder. Or if it’s people who you communicate with regularly, maybe you’ll want to keep them in your inbox. It’s up to you, but a neat feature.

Best folders

Email Sorting Software- 2

I mentioned the “@SaneBlackhole” folder earlier. It’s convenient to move any annoying emails to this folder, or emails you don’t have time to look over. 

Along with this folder, Sanebox has a “@SaneDoNotDisturb” folder available. You can snooze your inbox at any time when you don’t want any disruptions. For example, maybe for a couple of hours in the afternoon, your inbox won’t be flooded while your email is open. I find this convenient when I want to do deep work during the day.

Inbox Zero Academy

Email Sorting Software- 3

Sanebox offers a 10-day course on the best tips for managing your email. For only 10 minutes in 10 days, you will discover some of the best email secrets that other professionals have learned over the years.

Email Testimonial

Pricing Options

Sanebox offers a 14-day free trial before paying a plan. Their plans come in the form of meal options, including snack, lunch, and dinner. Besides monthly plans, they offer yearly (save 30%) and bi-yearly (save 40%) options. All plans include SaneLater, SaneConnect, SaneNoReplies, and Do Not Disturb.

Snack Plan (23 cents/day= $7 monthly)

  • 1 Email account including:
  • 10 reminders/month
  • 10 attachments/month
  • Email Support

Lunch Plan (40 cents/day = $12 monthly) [Most Popular Plan)

  • 2 Email accounts including:
  • 250 reminders/month
  • 250 attachments/month
  • Chat & Email Support

Dinner Plan ($1.20/day = $36 monthly)

  • 4 Email accounts including:
  • Unlimited reminders & attachments
  • Chat, Email, & Phone Support

Also, they provide an “Appetizer” plan for 7 cents/day. For one email account, you’ll get SaneLater and SaneNoReplies, extensive training, and email support.

Email Pricing

Do you want to stop your email insanity?

Start a 14-day FREE trial of Sanebox today.

Pros & Cons


  • Modern technology that’s easy to use, services are regularly updated
  • An excellent time-saver, especially if people spend too much time checking email
  • Separates essential and unimportant emails into customized folders
  • Easily integrates with services such as Google Apps, Exchange, Office 365, & Salesforce


  • A learning curve for those who aren’t email-savvy in the beginning
  • Email folders may not sync correctly- on a rare occasion; unwanted emails may end up in the inbox
  • Limited options for folders- need to upgrade to “Dinner Plan” if you want more than six customizable folders
  • “Dinner Plan” allows up to 4 email accounts- some people prefer a plan with unlimited email accounts

Overall Review

Rating: 9/10

Email Sorting Software- 4

In my opinion, Sanebox is the best solution for email management. The services provided help break down which emails are necessary or not. Besides that, the amount of time people can save from checking email is incredible. If you check email multiple times daily, that can take up a lot of time. So if you reduce it to a half-hour each day, that would be a vast improvement. 


I’ve been a Sanebox user for the last few years, and I enjoy using it. I used to check my email all the time, and it became a bad habit for me. Since I’ve used Sanebox, I got more time under control. Now, I limit myself to no more than 30 minutes checking and responding to emails. Sanebox has been a lifesaver for me, and I feel better about using their services. So for me, it’s a win-win now and in the long run.

Are you ready to start taking control of your inbox? Do you want to regain control of your time from checking email? If so, check out Sanebox today with a 14-day free trial. It’s time to get your mind “sane” again.

What do you think of Sanebox? Do you think it would help control your email usage?

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ProfessionalEric is a time management consultant and owner of the blog, He takes great pride in helping people manage their time, personally and professionally. Eric is a firm believer in time freedom, as he believes in taking ownership of time. “Time is your most important asset. It can be your best friend or worst enemy. How you use your time can shape the future you desire to have.” In his leisure time, Eric loves to write and read whenever possible. He likes to go for long walks out in nature and been taking Zumba classes every week at his local gym. You can follow Eric via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


6 thoughts on “SANEBOX REVIEW 2020: Email Sorting Software”

  1. Wow! This is really great for me to see right now. For a start, getting go see such a priceless offer as this is really rare. I am a rookie affiliate marketer and email plays important role in reaching out to my clients. Hence, getting such a platform that can help with specifics in sorting out my email problems is great and I really like this sanebox and the features it offers. It should be worth checking out

    • Thanks, Emman. 

      Yes, Sanebox offers its plans at reasonable prices (I think so). I’m willing to pay a subscription in exchange for an AI-type service sort and organize my email. As a current user myself, I like the services they offer. It helps me save time from scrolling their email throughout the day.

      If you end up checking them out, I’d love to hear about your experience using Sanebox. I think you’ll like what they have to provide for you.

      Thanks for sharing your input- much appreciated!

  2. Good one, time they say is one of the most valued commodity on earth, unlike money or anyother valueable once time is lost it cannever be regain, i used to subscibe for alot of newsletter and reading that has been one of the stressful and time consuming things i do everyday, i will certainly get sanebox inorder to reduce the rate of deleting and constantly checking emails, and also the free trail is dope, that will encourage people to go for sanebox… thanks for the tip.

    • Of course, Alexy. 

      I couldn’t agree with your more on time. Time is much more important than money, in my opinion. Sanebox can definitely help with time management. I feel that spending so much time on email is not worth it. What Sanebox does is a good resource to use.

      I’m glad you’re going to take advantage of Sanebox and their free trial. It’s worth trying out!

      Thanks for sharing your input- much appreciated!

  3. As I read your article and as I go along …I cant help myself and wear a smile and actually laugh of the service it offered ..imagine breakfast,lunch and dinner!…it has even a snacks offered ? Wow!…he3x…but its usage is a very practical one since it sorts almost all the emails sent to you and it even scheduled the new email  that arrive or you receive . You really can save much time with that type of software,you can do some important work that needs to be prioritize and can be done ASAP. To tell you frankly I really want to try this one and wait and see if it will work for me. Anyway the sorting of emails rarely fails and its negligible if it commits mistake.  I think I cant make any more comment as of the moment because your offering makes me hungry now…got to go to the fridge now amigo! gracias for the reminder of my gastronomic exercise period. lol!

    • Of course, Iaertes! It’s great to hear that you love this post. 

      Yeah, I like the meal options- that’s very creative, I think. It’s an excellent approach to trying out their options and see which one you like. After a free trial, you can go from there if you enjoy it that much.

      Thanks so much for your feedback! I greatly appreciate it!


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