ClickMeeting Review: Solution To Webinar Hosting

ClickMeeting Review

If you run a business, do you want to communicate with your clients effectively? Or, do you work remotely and prefer something more efficient to host webinars and video conferences? There are multiple software platforms available to assist individuals and companies, but one place to consider is ClickMeeting. In this post, I will write a ClickMeeting review. I will discuss the following points regarding ClickMeeting throughout this article:

A.) What Is ClickMeeting?

B.) ClickMeeting Top Features

C.) ClickMeeting Plans & Pricing

D.) The Best Parts Of ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting Review: What is ClickMeeting?

ClickMeeting ReviewClickMeeting is a webinar software platform launched by GetResponse, one of the leading email marketing platforms. Since it started in 2011, the original idea was to provide simple solutions for individuals to host webinars. More so, without having to deal with all of the technical challenges and the IT expertise needed. 

Five years later, the company grew extensively and became independent of GetResponse. If you're someone who works remotely and conducts a lot of video sessions, ClickMeeting can be a great tool to have in your business. The services can help you set up webinars and video conferences while providing an option to promote your services to new or existing clients. 


ClickMeeting Review: Top Features

Monetization & Automated Webinars

One of the top features ClickMeeting has is the ability to monetize your webinars. If you feel the services presented are treasured, there is a “paid” option where Paypal is integrated and permits payments delivered to your account.

Also, there is an option for prerecording your webinar in advance. If your schedule doesn't work out with an individual or group, you can record it ahead of time. The only downside would be not having a “Q & A” component of the webinar. But if you need to record ahead of time, ClickMeeting has that convenient option available.

ClickMeeting Review

Beautiful Presentations & Whiteboards

ClickMeeting's software comes with brilliant presentation designs, which helps make your webinars more active and engaging. If you choose not to use their presentation slides, you have the option to upload files into the software (i.e., Microsoft Powerpoint, Google Slides). Also, they have something called “Whiteboards,” which is an excellent alternative to using a large notepad or regular whiteboard in your presentations. ClickMeeting designed it not to be too distracting.


Live Streaming, Social Media Sharing, & Performance Rating

Some other great features for doing webinars include live streaming on Facebook and Youtube. For your business, it may not be necessary. But if you want to reach out to more potential clients, getting known on social media platforms is a great way to grow your business. On a similar note, you can share your webinar through other social media sites. The ones that most users go out to include Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Especially Linkedin, it can be an excellent way to reach out to an online business community.

ClickMeeting Review: Plans & Pricing

For starters, ClickMeeting offers a 30-day free trial to try out their software. If after the 30 days you want to continue using it, you have the following plans available:

 a. Live- basic features for live webinars (10-25 attendees; $30/month)

 b. Automated- all essential features included, along with Webinar flywheel automation (10-25 attendees; $45/month)

 c. Enterprise- the best option for large-scale companies hosting a large group webinar (customer; prices range- contact the sales team for a free quote)

ClickMeeting Review

ClickMeeting offers annual plans as well. By choosing a yearly plan, you'll save up to 20% on your subscription each year. As you scroll through the “number of attendees” icon, prices will go if you select more than 25 attendees for your webinar. The number of attendees can range from 10-1000 people for your online meetings. One other note: for the enterprise plan, sessions are allowed up to more than 1000 attendees. As mentioned earlier, the enterprise plan is custom. So if interested, contact the sales team for more details

For a list of FAQS on their policies, click here.

ClickMeeting Review: Is It Worth Trying Out?

ClickMeeting has been successful over the last nine years, with a good reputation among its clients. It's great at simplifying things so that their service is easy to use. Also, their webinars are custom-made, so you can make them the way you want. Their software program is easily accessible, working on all operating systems. For example, such methods include Windows 10, macOS, and Linux.

As mentioned earlier in the post, no prior skills or pre-setup requirements are needed to set up webinars. ClickMeeting is very user-friendly, whether you're brand new to webinars or have many years of experience. With the simple model that ClickMeeting follows, anyone can use their program to host video conferences and webinars.

Start hosting webinars today. There is no need to go through the hassles of technical difficulties. Its nice ClickMeeting offers users to try it for free the first month.

To try out ClickMeeting for one month free, sign up by clicking on the banner below.

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  1. Hi Eric!

    Great article. I am a CEO in a company and I have a feeling that everybody’s annoied with those meetings. Making them online with beautiful presentations could be a great idea for a nex year.

  2. I’m impressed with the clean presentation designs you’ve shared above. As my brand grows, I hope to offer webinars. I like the fact that Clickmeeting allows livestreaming on Facebook and YouTube. This is a very useful feature for someone looking to grow a brand. I also appreciate the pre-recording option for webinars. I think I would start out with pre-recorded content and then go live when I gained confidence. Clickmeeting looks like a great option for someone starting out. Thank you for writing this helpful review.

    • Of course, Rebecca. I’m glad you liked the review. I agree that the pre-recording option is convenient. I definitely would try out the live streaming tools when someone grows their audience and brand. It can make for high engagement and social interaction in these webinars.

      If you’re interested in trying Clickmeeting for one-month free, let me know. I’d love to hear about your experience, if you try it at some point.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  3. Great article, Eric! ClickMeeting really seems an awesome webinar software! With features like beautiful designs, monetization option, automated webinar, live streaming this is a complete all-in-one package here!

  4. Very informative indeed. I have used a variety of online webinar software before. What I like about ClickMeeting is the facility to engage your audience before the session, to pre-record as well as the embedded whiteboard. I will give it a free trial and then perhaps recommend it to my current employer.

    • Thanks, Tindo! I’m glad to know that you like what Clickmeeting has to offer. It sure is one of the best webinar software out there, with some cool features. I agree with you about engaging your audience before starting a session. I think that’s key to getting cooperation out of your webinars.

      Thanks again for sharing your input!

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