FREEDOM APP REVIEW 2020: Save Yourself From Distractions

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You’re working on a report while on your desktop. Occasionally, you get some social media notifications going off on your computer. You get sidetracked by your Facebook feed, and a half-hour later, you didn’t get much done on that report. Sound familiar? Many people struggle with working and checking social media sites at once. I’m going … Read more

DESKTIME REVIEW 2020: Best Employee Time Tracker Software?

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Are you looking for a better way to keep track of your team’s time at work? Do you want to make sure your team stays focused on the right tasks? If you’re an employer who manages a small or large organization, you want to make sure your team members are productive. How their time is … Read more

SANEBOX REVIEW 2020: Email Sorting Software

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Product: Sanebox Price: Snack: $7/month; Lunch: $12/month; Dinner: $36/month Type of Program: Email Management/Sorting Tool Guarantee: 14-Day Free Trial Rating: 9 out of 10 Is your email inbox flooded with hundreds of messages every day? Do you check your email multiple times a day? You might be someone who subscribed to dozens of newsletters. But … Read more