How Do I Stay Focused At Work: Five Practices To Maintain Productivity

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Do you find yourself struggling to remain focused? Are there moments where you’re easily distracted by other things? Your cell phone ringing, the email inbox alert going off, and so many other things going. With all of these things going on, you may ask yourself, “How do I stay focused at work?” Staying focused while … Read more

WRIKE REVIEWS 2020: Simple Project Management Software?

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Are you a manager for a mid-size to large scale company? Looking for project management software for easy team collaboration? There are many project management software tools out on the market. Similar to my ClickMeeting review, you may have come across some Wrike reviews, which will be the topic of this post. Project management software tools, … Read more

WORKPULS REVIEW 2020: Best Work Time Tracker App?

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Do you manage a team of individuals looking to maximize their productivity? Does your team work remotely, and you’re not sure if they’re making the most of their work time? Now that we’re in 2020, time tracking and employee monitoring software are becoming much more common. As long as it’s not intrusive, a work time … Read more

TIME DOCTOR REVIEW 2020: Time Doctor Online Software

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Are you looking for the best time tracking software for your business? Do you want one that provides accurate, precise data for your team? If you manage a team, it’s essential to keep track of their time productively. It’s necessary to save money, but more so on saving time. As I’ve always mentioned, you can … Read more