FLEXISPOT REVIEW: Best Adjustable Standing Desk Converter?

Within the last several years, I’ve had a growing interest in the subject of ergonomics. I’m at the point now where I can’t sit for long periods of time. So having an adjustable standing desk converter for me to sit and stand has helped improve my physical health. Luckily, standing desks have become more popular and will continue to be in demand in the years to come.

Adjustable standing desk converter: Which are the best ones?

At this point, I’ve written many reviews on time management books and software. But I haven’t done any reviews on any ergonomic products. Whether that’s a standing desk, adjustable chair, or other office products, ergonomics is a great subject to practice while at work.

Moving forward, I’ll write some reviews on relevant products to increase your productivity. These are products that you can have on hand at the office (or your home office), and you can make the most out of your work schedule.

FlexiSpot M2B Standing Desk (Adjustable Stand-Up Desk Riser)

Adjustable Standing Desk Converter- 1

In this post, I’m going to go over some details on the FlexiSpot M2B standing desk. Flexispot has been around for some time, selling interesting ergonomic and home office products. The M2B standing desk will be the highlight in this article.

Adjustable standing desk converter


The FlexiSpot standing desk provides plenty of room for a desktop computer. Not only for one desktop, but it has room for up to two desktop computers. It can hold two screens up to 27”, so plenty of room is provided. Some other neat features include the following:

  • Light and smooth adjustmentsAdjustable Standing Desk Converter- 2

Between sitting and standing throughout the day, it takes minimal effort to squeeze the hand bar up and down. No one wants to worry about lifting it while risking getting injured.

It’s something that every standing desk converter should have, and the FlexiSpot one provides that with comfort and ease.

{Instructions on adjusting: When lifting the fully-loaded desk (44 ibs the maximum weight capacity), 13 lbs of force is needed to lift it up and 3 Ibs to lift it down}
  • Quick-release large keyboard tray

Adjustable Standing Desk Converter- 2

Besides a tabletop to fit one-two desktops, the FlexiSpot desk comes with a bottom surface to fit a keyboard and mouse. The nice part is it’s a quick-release design, meaning you can slide it in to provide more room. Sliding it in gives you more room to work, and when you don’t need a keyboard and mouse. 

  • Straight Up & Down Movements

  1. Standing raises and lowers vertically
  2. Comparable products extend outward while raising

As with the quick-release design, the FlexiSpot desk helps save you more space at your workstation. Also, better stabilization is offered when raising and lowering the standing desk.

  • Ergonomic benefits: 12 different height levels

Adjustable Standing Desk Converter- 4

This type of standing desk works well for a short or tall person. Whether you’re 5’0 or 6’1, you can easily go from sitting to standing with 12 different height levels.


The FlexiSpot standing desk comes in three different sizes (35”, 41”, and 47”). The 35” inch desk is a medium size, while the 47” is the largest size. The prices include:

  • 35” Medium- $199.99



  • 47” Large- $239.99


  • 41”- $209.99

Adjustable Standing Desk Converter- 1

The sit-stand workstations come with a 5-year warranty for a framed, medium-fiber desktop. Also, a 3- year warranty is included for other mechanisms. So these are some nice warranties to include if for some reason these standing desk doesn’t work out.

Pros & Cons


  • Simple to life and raise
  • Plenty of space for a desktop and keyboard to fit
  • Same quality but cheaper than other brands (i.e. Varidesk)
  • Easy assembly instructions
  • Great ergonomic and health benefits to sitting and standing

A 1


  • Not as stable- moves around a lot
  • The desk can be heavy to move with a lot of objects
  • Customer service team reportedly ok with handling issues


A 2

Overall Rating & Review

Rating: 8/10

The FlexiSpot M2B standing desk converter comes with neat features. The fact that it’s easy to lift and lower insures nobody will get injured moving the converter. Also, having more space for two-three desktops is a bonus if you want to make the most out of your workstation.

The 12 different height levels are good to keep in mind. Not all standing desk converters are designed for short people (or taller folks). But this desk allows multiple height levels regardless of how tall you are.

Despite some of its shortcomings, this standing desk converter is a winner. Compared to it’s competing for brands (i.e. Varidesk), it has the same quality features but a little cheaper than other products.

Adjustable Standing Desk Converter- 5


If you’re looking for a simple standing desk converter, the FlexiSpot desk may be the right choice for you. Check out the standing desk for more details on specifications and warranty information.

What do you think of the FlexiSpot M2B standing desk converter? Would you find it useful to help balance your sitting and standing time? Any other thoughts?

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6 thoughts on “FLEXISPOT REVIEW: Best Adjustable Standing Desk Converter?”

  1. This desk is a good idea to buy because it is adjustable and can occupy small spaces. One thing I love about your review is the warranty it covers usually for small fixtures. They give only a one year warranty but this product is giving 3 years. Some products they don’t mind because they think it’s not valuable for customers. But for me, having a good span of years of warranty is good to consider.

    • Thank you, Lyn. I’m glad to know you enjoyed this post.

      Yes, I agree with you on the warranty. It’s great they extend it longer than a lot of desks. 3 years is an excellent deal compared to only 1 year.  But overall, I do like what this desk has to offer. It’s one of my favorites.

      Thank you again for sharing your input- much appreciated!

  2. You have got a good product here and your review is just as good. A desk that will allow you to work whilst standing. Wonderful news. We spend the whole day seated in the office. Its bad for the back and posture. Why not have the option to stand and still do your work. This is nice. I like it. I just hope the suppliers service department will improve their responses to problems raised. Otherwise an excellent value for money. Thanks Eric

    • No problem, Energy. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed this review.

      Yes, sitting at your desk most of the time is not the best approach (in my opinion). So a desk such as this one is a great solution to the sitting problems.
      Thank you for your thoughtful input- much appreciated!

  3. The adjustability in a small space is great if you don’t have the room for a big desk also for someone that has a hard time sitting for long periods of time or gets a sore back from sitting to long, being able to stand with this desk is a great idea.
    I also agree with Lyn about the warranty for 3 years is definitely nice.

    • Thank you, Will. I’m glad to know your enjoyed reading this post

      Yes, it’s great for anyone who has smaller space. It can easily be moved around, and simple to adjust for sitting and standing. Standing is a big benefit for this type of product, for sure.

      Thanks again for your input- much appreciated!


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