Farewell For Now

This post will be short, but letting readers know this will be the last one for awhile. The website will be going on a short hiatus, so more content later down the road. It’s been a pleasure getting to write posts and software reviews over the last year. Hopefully, we’ll be back soon to write … Read more

HUBSTAFF REVIEW 2020: Best Time Tracker For Work?

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Are you struggling to run your business efficiently? If you manage a team, submitting timesheets can be a hassle. Maybe you need to get an accurate picture of how your employees spend their time. There are several things to consider when running your business, and there are solutions for it. If you’ve come across a … Read more

Does Technology Increase Productivity? Four Things To Note

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Over the years, technology has rapidly increased, where it’s becoming a part of our daily routines. Technology (computers, smartphones, tablets) has its pros and cons, but it’s necessary for the modern-day workplace. When it comes to the professional work environment, does technology increase productivity? Some people would say it’s a distraction for workers. But for … Read more

To Do List For Work: Best Solutions For Entrepreneurs

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It’s getting close to the end of 2020, and you might not be as productive as you initially thought. At the beginning of the year, you felt optimistic about what you wanted to accomplish in the year ahead. But you faced some bumps in the road and looking to get back on track to meet … Read more

I Can’t Stop Procrastinating! Emotions Or Time Management?

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Are you skilled in the art of procrastinating? That may be a problem if it’s keeping you from getting your priorities done. Have you said to yourself, “I can’t stop procrastinating!” The answer is yes, it’s possible to stop this bad habit. Many people believe that procrastination relates to time management problems. However, procrastination may … Read more

RESCUETIME REVIEWS 2020: Best Saving App For Time?

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Do you get easily distracted through other websites on your computer? Do you spend more time scrolling through social media than doing meaningful work? Many people don’t realize how much time they spend doing unproductive tasks. You may have heard of RescueTime for limiting screen time. If there’s one best saving app for time, RescueTime … Read more

Why Does Music Help You Concentrate: Productivity Benefits

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Do you enjoy listening to music? Is it part of your routine for studying or work? It’s prevalent for people to use music to stay focused on their priorities. Why does music help you concentrate? There is plenty of research showing that music helps concentration, with some types improving overall productivity.  Why does music help … Read more